Nyah Lintern
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Nyah Kate Lintern. A much loved and wanted baby from the moment we knew she would come.
Nyah was born on Saturday 6th of January at 13.32. Despite our questioning of the medical staff about concerns for her health, we were assured she was ok and came home on the 7th.
On Wednesday 10th of January at 13.31 Nyah took her last breath in her nannys arms. Despite all the efforts of my mother, the paramedics and the doctors at the hospital Nyah never took breath again. Our darling baby lived for just four short days.

Our darling angel had a heart problem and despite her battling her heart just wasn't strong enough and stopped working. 

Our pain is unbearable, we have lost someone so precious.

We are blessed to have a healthy five year old daughter, how do we explain where her little sister has gone, we can't explain it to ourselves. 

Our little girl will be in our hearts and minds for eternity, we love her, we miss her, we need her.

Nyah our bright shining star in heaven.

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Her legacy
Nyah's legacy  
Nyah died due to an undetected congenital heart problem.
As her parents we are going to fight in her memory for :
better screening of unborn babies.
parents concerns to be listened to NOT dismissed
maternity services to be vastly improved
delivery of babies to be an improved service (too painful to put down at the moment)

We do this out of undying love for our baby girl who, if all of the above happened, could still be here today.
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